Sales partners

AIRtronic® network

In addition to a wide range of our products in the field of grounding, connectors, and control panel assembly, as a sales partner we are also pleased to offer you products from the companies listed here.

We are happy to be your competent contact for enquiries, deliveries, and support.


Develops and produces solutions for all aspects of industrial connectors since 1945.

  • ILME 1
  • ILME 2
  • ILME 3
  • ILME 4


  • ILME 5
  • ILME 6
  • ILME 7

Other products

Mors Smitt

Mors Smitt offers the world's largest range of relays for railway applications, as well as a wide selection of hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers and a wide range of indicating instruments and pressure gauges.

  • Mors Smitt Relais 1
  • Mors Smitt Relais 2
  • Mors Smitt Relais 3
  • Mors Smitt Relais 4


  • Mors Smitt Leitungsschutzschalter 1
  • Mors Smitt Leitungsschutzschalter 2
  • Mors Smitt Leitungsschutzschalter 3
  • Mors Smitt Leitungsschutzschalter 4

Circuit breaker

  • Mors Smitt Anzeigeinstrumente 1
  • Mors Smitt Anzeigeinstrumente 2
  • Mors Smitt Anzeigeinstrumente 3

Indicating instruments


The original Nord-Lock wedge lock washers offer safety for applications that are exposed to vibrations and dynamic loads.

  • Nord Lock Keilsicherungsscheiben

Wedge lock washer

  • Nord Lock Radsicherungsmuttern

Wheel lock nuts